Wearing Cyberfalls

Here you will find some ideas on how to wear Cyberfalls

Medium & long haircuts - binding to a bun

If your own hair is long enough to do a bun, then this is a pretty easy way to use it to attach your falls. When doing the bun, please pay attention to the position of the bun as it will affect the overall look of the falls. If you place the bun at the back of your head, the falls will look like they have been some attachments to the bun. If you go for a bun at the center / top of you head, the falls will look more than a natural haircut.
In both cases, try to do the bun as tight to your head as possible as this will help to carry the falls properly.  Adding some hair clips and bobby pins will help to keep the bun in position.
With the bun in place, simply wrap the falls around the but and close them using a bowknot.

Variation: 2-parted falls

If you have a 2-parted pair of falls, you need to go for two small buns on each side of your head.. Try to place both of them symmetric. This will ensure a smooth and consistent look when attaching the falls.

Using a big hair clip (butterfly type) 

This is a very smart way to wear your falls as you can get them on and off within seconds.
Buy yourself a big heavy-duty butterfly hair clip like shown in here. It must have some wholes on top.
Now simply mount the falls to the clip by going through the wholes with the satin tape. Try do keep the falls in the center of the clip for a symmetric design and use tight knots to fix the falls as near as possible to the clip.
Get your hair into a bun and put the clip on to of the bun.

Short hair or bald head - Bandana / kerchief

If you have a very short hair cut or if you want to hide your bangs, you can buy yourself a bandana and use the bandana's knot to attach the falls.

Short hair or bald head - part of tights

If you do not want to wear a bandana but something more unflashy, this option will be perfect for you.
Buy yourself a pair of women's tights. Take a black on in stretchy but strong Lycra quality like 80-120den. Cut out a piece of about 30cm at the tigh. Close one segment's end with a tight knot so that you have a kind of cap.
Now get a big bottle of water and put the cap right on top of the bottle. The cap's knot should be in the middle.
Close your cyberfalls. Bind both ends together with a tight bowknot.
Place your closed falls on the bottle. The bottle's top will stick out of your falls.
Use 5-6 small safety pins and attach the cyberfalls satin base tape tightly to the Lycra cap.
Now take the cap with the falls and pull it over your head. The top knot should meet the top center of your head. The cap will be way too long, but this is ok. Pull it over your head completely and flip it back for a double layer until it reaches your forehead.