Very bold Rubber Mesh Strip open edges - Black

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Mesh size:
Mesh structure:


Precisely cut Rubber Mesh Strip with a very bold structure with open edges and coloured in Black.

Total length is about 45cm and total width about 4cm.

Attaching Rubber Mesh

Our Rubber Mesh Strips are very easy to add to any Cyberfalls. Simply slide them onto the satin tape which carries the Cyberlocks. Take a look at our instruction at
If you would like to upgrade a pair of Cyberfalls which are already finished and you do not wish to dismount all the locks just to get the Rubber Mesh strips in, you can take a piece of Satin tape or Rexlace to attach it to the main Satin tape of the falls.
Remember to flip-over the end of the Rubber Mesh to a double-layer before mounting it to prevent frazzeling.

Other dimensions

We are cutting all of our Rubber Mesh strips on ourselves.
A total length of 40cm and 3cm width would fit most Cyberfalls best, but you can always cut shorter if you like.
If you need longer or wider strips, please feel free to contact us and we are very happy to cut them for you!

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