How to make Cyberfalls

Welcome to our tutorial on how to craft Cyberfalls. We will explain step by step what to do and what type of materials you will need.
If you have any questions or own ideas, don't hesitate to contact us..

Essential materials

To build your Cyberfalls, you will need at least:

Additional materials

If you want to go for a little bit more than the basic Cyberfalls, you can put in some add-ons. Basically, any lightweight and soft material will work. Take a look at what your favourite DIY or hardware store has to offer. You will discover dozens of suitable materials.
Some of the following is quite popular in the cyber scene:

Preparations on the desk

If you are going to use Rubber Mesh Strips, they must be the very first items to be slide on the base satin tape. The easiest way for the narrow mesh will be using a pair of sharp tweezers.

  • Cut off about 1m of satin tape. This will be your base tape for the locks
  • Flip over one end of the Rubber Mesh 1-2cm to get a double layer. Punch through the mesh with your tweezers carefully.
  • Grab the end of the satin tape using your tweezers and pull it through the whole in the mesh slowly
  • Repeat for every strip of mesh you want to be part of your falls

There MUST be one NARROW strip of mesh next to each end of your satin tape. We call those outer strips bumpers. They prevent the Cyberlocks to fall of the tape as long as the falls are open.


Hang up the satin tape

Hang up your base tape between two chairs, so that it can float around without touching the floor. The distance between the satin tape and the floor must be significantly more than the desired total length of your falls.
With the tape hung up, it will be much easier to attach the Locks and you can adjust the length of each lock individually. You will get a pretty good impression of how the locks will fall while you are crafting. Doing so, you will be able to create symmetric falls by simply adding locks on both sides without creating a mess. All in all, doing it this way will be much easier than working on a desk.

Cutting the Cyber Locks

Your Cyberlocks come as a long string, so you will need to cut each string in pieces having your get your desired length. So please think about the overall length of your falls before cutting. If you want to have your falls well beyond the shoulders, which is the most popular length, a single lock will be between 15 and 40cm.
Please note: Each strip will be bound to the satin base tape by a knot somewhere in the middle of the strip. There will be two ends going down from the knot to the ground. So when cutting, please calculate the doubled length.
Example: Your falls should be about 40cm. So a single strip has to be 80cm.

Please do not cut all the locks in one go but try only one or two in order to check the result with the locks in place.

Tip: Try different variations in length. Never cut all strips to the same length. A difference in length will result in a much more sophisticated look as the falls will show more volume. Falls made of locks in the same length tend to look very boring and somehow flat.

Flip in the ends of the Locks

After cutting the locks, the open edges will be very delicate and will become split ends as Cyberlock are woven from a lot of single fibres. So, this is how to prevent split ends very easily

Grab the end with your thumb and your forefinger and push the edge back into the inside of the mesh. Keep on pushing until there are 3-5cm inside. That is all you have to do. Easy, isn't it?

Binding the Locks

You can bind the cut and split-preserved Cyberlocks to the base satin tape now. A single knot works very well. You do not have to pull it very tight. With a loose knot, you can change the position of the knot or the Lock later on.
Go for a decent colour mixing when adding the locks and avoid too many locks of the same colour next to each other. Bunches of the same type tend to look odd.

Binding the Locks - common mistakes

There are two things you should pay attention to, when binding the locks.
Each arm of a duble-lock should be at least 10cm in length. Shorter segments might erect and stick out of the falls because the material is very light. This might look surprisingly funny as well, but in most cases, you don't want to create those "alien-like antennas".

Do not let all locks meet at a common base line and do not place all the knots right in the middle of each lock. Go for variations in length of the branches and position of the knots. Avoid too much symmetry. Breaking symmetry is the main aspect to create a sophisticated result as you will get a stepped look. A pair of cyberfalls crafted with random lengths can easily outperform a pair of symmetrical falls even when the latter is made of more material. Uniformity tends to look boring.

Growing your falls

The more locks you add, the more volume you get...


Adding Foamies, Rexlace and more

After you have finished on the Cyberlocks, it is time to add some more material to spice up the wild look of your falls!
One word on the Foamies: If you bind them very tight to the base satin tape, they might erect and stick out of the falls, as soon as you put them on. You can increase the gap between the Foamies an the satin tape to make them falling down more softly.  Both ways create a really nice look and it is up to you to decide.

Adding Rexlace

Rexlace can be a really restive material and for this it is sometimes hard to handle. From our point of view, the best way to bind it to the base tape is achieved by doing a loop around the base tape and then placing at least two or three very tight double-knots in a row. The Rexlace will stay in place and add a grunge-look when falling down along with the locks and sticking out here and there...


More Cyberlocks - more volume!

If you are not satisfied by the volume of your falls yet , you should consider going for another 10 Yards. Look at the difference between a pair of falls made of 25 Yards and the upgrade to 35 Yards:

Trimming the Rubber Mesh Strips

Our Rubber Mesh Strips always come with plain ends but why not to give them a different look? Cut them to whatever shape you like. Large bow, small bow, round, triangle, double-triangle...the choice is yours!

Sealing the Satin Tape

Congratulations, your Cyberfalls are almost ready to wear after you release them from their hanging position.
Now take a lighter and gently burn both ends of the satin tape. This will seal the woven fibres and prevent them from frazzling.