Cyberfalls care instructions

Here you will find some tip how to keep your Cyberfalls in a perfect condition.

Store your Cyberfalls

Cyberfalls should be stored free-hanging or free-laying and protected from dust and moisture.
In any case, you should avoid hard creases and folds, as they may deform the locks permanently.  Same applies to Foamies. Do not bent them sharply.
Storage options may be

  • to hang them into your wardrobe or on a clothes rail with a plastic bag as a dust cover
  • to put them into a large box

Ventilate your Cyberfalls

Locks, Foamies and dreads tend to absorb the smell of the environment - at least temporarily.  You might find your Cyberfalls still having the smell of the party you went the night before - this might be uncomfortable to you.
Exposing the falls to fresh air for a while should be a good way to get rid of  the smell again.

Washing your Cyberfalls

We do not recommend to wash Cyberfalls.
However, i
f ventilation does not work, you will need to take them for a wash. Depending on the type of your falls, you may need to disassemble them as they might contain some non-washable materials.

You can use some mild shampoo on

  • Locks
  • Satin tape
  • Rexlace
  • Rubber Mesh Strips except the striped and UV-active ones

You must not wash

  • Foamies
  • Rubber Mesh Strips if they are UV-active or coloured in stripes

After washing, make sure to remove all the shampoo by rinsing properly. Shake the falls to get them as dry as possible and let them hang until they are free of moisture. Do not use a dryer.
Please ensure the falls are perfectly dry before you put them back into the storage box or wardrobe as any remaining moisture can lead to mould or unwanted smell.